My name is Michelle and I have always had an interest in health and fitness.  I played high school sports, became interested in running in college, and have grown into avid runner.  Unfortunately in these past few years, finding time for workouts amongst graduate school, work, and the chaos of life in general (oh, and I planned a wedding somewhere in there, too!) became very difficult.  I could feel my motivation slipping, excuses to skip a run or workout started coming all too easily – I wasn’t taking care of myself! 

I joined my first challenge group in the summer of 2015 – what a game changer!  Wow!  The support, motivation, and guidance that came with the group was incredible – it inspired me and made me more accountable to get my workouts in and keep my nutrition in check.  I began drinking shakeology daily and was introduced to workouts that didn’t require much space or equipment.  Now, when the weather or my schedule won’t allow for a nice run outside, I have NO excuses – I push play and get my workout done in the comfort of my home.

I am stronger, happier, and more confident than I have ever been before!  I continue to see results and love how much energy I have!  My passion for health along with my desire to help others is the reason I became a Beachbody coach.  I want to inspire, motivate, and guide others on their health and fitness journeys!

~Coach Michelle

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